Bandila (FLAG) is an International Emmy-nominated late night news broadcast of ABS-CBN in the Philippines. The newscast is anchored by Julius Babao, Karen Davila, Ces Oreña-Drilon and Boy Abunda. It is aired Weeknights at 11:30 PM–12:15 AM. It features long story format about which the Center of Media Freedom and Responsibility stated, Bandila’s strength is its willingness to take a story and explore the various issues surrounding it. In addition, “it takes an issue to another level by adding perspective and analysis to it, thereby providing viewers a journalistic ingredient sorely lacking in many TV reports: context”. Such objective causes the reports to be longer than usual. Watch bandila- july 10 2013 Online.
TV Show Replay bandila- july 10 2013.
Pinoy Channel Today bandila- july 10 2013

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